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Managing and organising perfect business deals by bringing the right buyers and sellers together

privater Konzern und Unternehmen

  • 1.000 bis 5.000 qm BGF, 5.000 - 50.0000 qm BGF, über 50.000 qm BGF
  • Einfamilienhaus, Hotel, Seniorenresidenz, Pflegeheim, Klinik, Freizeit, Mehrfamilienhaus, öffentliches Gebäude, Reihenhaus, Siedlung, Büro, Logistik, Industrie
  • AJ International Real Estate & Finance: Business Initiators • Off Market Real Estate International Financing Real Estate International Bridge Financing (50% LTV, min. 2,5 MEUR) Our organization has an extensive network of entrepreneurs. A network that continues to grow on a daily basis, reaching entrepreneurs all over the world. AJ Real stands for cooperation with several offices in Europe and entrepreneurs where supply and demand meet. • Off-Market Residential Real Estate • Off-Market Commercial Real Estate Connecting buyer and seller, generating business deals, a success driven organization with a wide open view for business and society. Always open to get in contact with serious cooperationpartners. Also searching for investors with an interest in high-quality and profitable Real Estate projects and objects.

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